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Kemen notifies, traces and reminds the messages that you really care

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It is important that an activity is performed by a specific date?

Do you want to be sure that your message has been received?

It is important that the required activity is requested until execution?

Kemen is the service you are looking for. See why

Delivery receipt

Kemen promptly notifies you when the recipient views the assigned task. The delivery receipt is guaranteed and timely.


Kemen takes care of pushing the recipient to view or execute the assigned task with discretion but effectively.

No Sign Up Requirement

Kemen allows you to assign tasks to anyone knowing only the recipient email address. Kemen will include in any notifications the secure links needed to view the task, confirm the execution, download the attachments and carry out any activity without requiring the user authentication.


Kemen never gives up! If a task does not appear to be viewed or completed by the date set Kemen will try again. For a short period of time Kemen will look for the recipient's attention asking him to view or complete the task.

Safe Communications

Kemen works safe. Your data, informations and attachments are safe. All data transmission takes place only via encrypted channel (ssl).

No Configurations

Kemen is a tool designed to do what you expect in a clear and intuitive way without the need for time-consuming configurations. You just assign a task to someone, set the the due date and send it: from this moment on Kemen takes care of keeping you informand about the progress.

Personal Dashboard

Manage all tasks sent and received via a convenient and simple dashboard. You can create new tasks, check progress, manage your address book and search and filter in the historical archives.
You can even view a graphical representation of some statistics about the use of the service.

Multiuser Account

Add new users to your account directly from your personal dashboard. All users associated with the account will be able to create new tasks and will share the account recipients address book. Working in the same account all the users will contribute to create a centralized archive of your organization task flow.

Historical Archive

From your dashboard, you can search on tasks sent and received. You can check how many reminders were sent and when, when a task has been read and completed and much more.


Kemen allows you to attach one or more files to each task. The attached documents will be made available to the recipient only after the task visualization.